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Recommended by Richard Tyrrell (RDT MDTA) and A leading Professor of Respiratory Medicine.

Today I would like to give you some more information and facts about a product called SnoreWizard.

SnoreWizard was invented by David Hawkes to solve his own snoring problem, It has been developed, tested and manufactured in the UK and is sold worldwide today as one of the most effective ways to stop snoring and get a peaceful night`s sleep.

SnoreWizard works by effectively reducing or completely eliminating the vibrations in the throat tissues that cause you to snore, by moving the lower jaw slightly forward and improving the airflow.

What separates this product from the other mandibular advancement devices on the market is that no heating and moulding is required (Boil and Bite).

This leads to the following advantages that SnoreWizard has over the competition.

. Snorewizard is a one size fits all there is no moulding and fitting required which can be a  very difficult process.

.The lifetime of the mouth piece lasts up to 4 times longer than some of the boil and bite  mouthpieces.
.With the Snorewizard you can also breathe comfortably through your mouth and nose.

.Snorewizard is made of  high quality 'soft-feel' plastic which lets the mouthpiece feel soft and comfortable in your mouth instead of hard.

 .Can be trimmed with very sharp scissors.

.Does not lose its form due to teeth grinding and stops teeth grinding as well.


Richard Tyrrell (RDT MDTA) "I am a dental technician who has owned and run a specialized Dental Laboratory for 27 years. I have manufactured and supplied custom - made anti-snoring devices to dentists for about 9 years. I advise Snorewizard as a specialist consultant on the design and effectiveness of the product. They made several changes following my advice and I am satisfied that the end product of the Snorewizard is a good and effective anti-snoring device. I believe that Snorewizard is an effective answer as a single size product. I understand that Snorewizard are achieving an 92% satisfaction rate, which is very much what I would expect."

A leading Professor of Respiratory Medicine , at a UK NHS Hospital , with a major interest in sleep apnoea and snoring was involved in testing the Snorewizard and confirmed its effectiveness in reducing snoring . As a result it is recommended in NHS sleep clinics for control of snoring." . The Snorewizard is a completely natural remedy to cure a snoring problem and an instant solution and aid for snorers and their partners who, night after night, suffer with snoring problems.

This concludes the review and for more information please contact a Snorewizard distributer near you.

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